Joe's Site:  - JCGS
   Self Serving Host sporting an increasing 
  variety of Coilguns.  - A German/ English site
   2.5kJ Coilgun, Powerful Tesla Coils, High Voltage Experiments.
   Also a lot of non-electrical endeavors.

   William Harriss:  - Gauss Pistol                   
   Cging is evolving

   Madgyvers:  - Kunai Shooter                

   Pest:  - Pest3125
   Portable Electromechanical Slug Thrower  -  Microcontrolled

   Perfect example to building first then completing and publishing second.

    Tesla Downunder :  -  An Australian site
    Tesla coils,  railguns, coil guns, lasers, magnetic levitation,
    ferrofluid and general elecetronics experiments.

     Sam Barro's PowerLabs
     Need I say more?

    Wikiverse - A World of Knowledge.    
    Find all about

    Coil Gun

   World's Coilgun Arsenal                   
   Provides brief introduction and links to websites on
   portable handheld coilguns.

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